Dancing to the beat.

I do my basic step.

1-2-3 5-6-7

2-3 – 6-7

2-3 – 6-7

2-3 – 6-7

2-3 – 6-7

I count in my head over and over like a stuttering mathematician

I am practicing my basic like a mad man.

Looking in the mirror, I see a man on a mission.

A man with two left feet, but goddamnit is he on a mission.

I look like an ostrich, walking a tight rope.

I look like Stephen Hawking, after being injected with holy water. Taking his first steps.

I look like a drunk baby walking on ice.

I look like….

Well you get my point.

20 years of being scared of the dance floor and look at me now Momma.

Look at your son, making his best imitation of Dirty Dancing with Patrick Swayze.

I imagine myself dancing with all the beautiful ladies.

Lines of gorgeous women, waiting to dance with me.

Waiting to see this magnificent basic step.

My basic step is amazing.

My basic step is that of a GOD.

God saw my basic step, and then he rested on the seventh day.

My basic step is mesmerizing.




I feel like a hypnotist, hypnotizing the audience into doing his bidding.

A snake charmers hypnotic melody, coaxing the dangerous creature out of his home

Seeing myself dance, I realize why the Greek Hunter Narcissus Killed himself.

I Look absolutely stunning in the mirror.

1-2-3 5-6-7

2-3 – 6-7

2-3 – 6-7

2-3 – 6-7

2-3 – 6-7

This basic step feels like it was made for me. I feel like in my previous life I invented the Mambo.

In fact, I know I did.How else could something feel so right????

It feels as if my body is one with the universe.As If I have just unlocked the key to life.

The Mind – Body – Soul – Basic Step – Connection.

This. This right here is human perfection.

Evolution has just created the peak human.

Civilizations from this point forward will write about this day.

The day the world changed for the better.

They will write odes about this basic step.

They will sing hymnals about this elegance.

My basic step will become “Time Magazines Most Influential Person”

My Basic step will replace commercials during the Superbowl.

My Basic Step shall quench thy thirst and thy hunger.

My Basic Step will become a New York Times Best Selling Author.

My Basic step will become an inspiration to inner city youth. Showing them the power of love, courage, sacrifice, and vulnerability.

My Basic step received a 10/10 on Yelp and Amazon Reviews.

My basic step has traveled the world 7x over.

Became a monk.

Amassed a tremendous fortune, lost it all. Gained it all back.

Experienced Love.

Experienced Tragedy and Triumph.

Did all of this and came to the conclusion that.

The world needs less violence, less greed, less malice.

The world needs more basic Steps.

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