What I have learned so far on this journey.

This has been an amazing two weeks. This whole Journey began on Feb. 23, 2019. I want to quickly jot down some thoughts on what I have experienced.

  • My Daily Routine which has no set schedule:
  • Log into Instagram and search keywords: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, Brazilian Zouk. Look at performance dancers and instructors. DM said people and wait for responses. Do this until IG disables me from sending DM. (Unsure how long this last, maybe 30 minutes.) I do this throughout the day.
  • Facebook do the same, but my girl usually sends me Facebook Leads.
  • Hop On Twitter. I go into further detail on Twitter below. But it is similar to Instagram, Instead I am actually responding to regular/everyday people.
  • A majority of my time is talking to people on IG, scheduling, sending my podcast links, persuading to come on the show. I need to do more interaction with regular people on IG.
  • Some time watching some Gary Vee content. Very little on this though, I can honestly say that. Maybe 1-3 videos a day. 20-30 minutes a day.
  • Watching basketball while working. Go Houston Rockets! Or whatever other game is nationally televised.
  • People are genuinely nice and helpful. Between Facebook and Instagram, I can honestly say I have messaged ~500 people. At this point now, March 12, 2019.
  • I have 63 positive responses on Instagram.
    Of those 63 Responses on IG, 11 have officially scheduled to interview. (I contact way more people on IG than FB)
  • 39 positive responses on Facebook.
    Of the 39 positive responses on Facebook. 12 Have been officially scheduled for Interviews.
  • 102 total positive responses, means I have an acceptance rate of ~20%. (102/500)
  • I have a scheduled rate of 0.046% (23/500)

Most people do not respond. Some people do respond initially, but later fall radio silent.

  • What stands out most is the people who say yes. They usually do so emphatically. Through a message, I can tell they are smiling as they type it. And those are the ones who stand out. Not responding is so much better than a “no”. I do not believe anyone has honestly said “no”.  A few have responded and said they were too busy, and they would respond at a later date. But no true rejections, no one has said “This Is a terrible idea, why would I waste my time on this”? And for that I am thankful.
  • I am sleeping less and less. I can’t tell you why, honestly. I have been staying up later, working on this project. But you would imagine that would make me more tired. There have been a few nights, where I intend to sleep, but instead I toss and turn.
  • I am truly enjoying this grind. This is not physically exhausting, but it is still work. I am so thankful that my girl is helping me out. She has helped me: find potential guest, speak to guest in Spanish, has interviews of her own for Spanish speaking individuals (6 positive responses / 2 officially scheduled).
  • After two weeks, I am experiencing my first bouts of self doubt. I Have been watching some YouTube videos on Content Marketing, and I feel like I am still not doing enough. I believe this is stemming from me comparing myself to people with high followers. I have a low interaction on IG and Facebook. I am getting caught up in the vanity numbers of followers and likes. I just need to be patient and not worry about the numbers.
  • Every day I go on twitter and I search the following hashtags: Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba. I respond to every English speaking person who mentions any of those dances. Something to the extent of me just agreeing with whatever it is their saying. Salsa has the most entries because a lot of people talk about chips and salsa. As of todays date: I joined Twitter on February 23, 2019. I have 16 followers. I am following 96 people. I have 454 Tweets. I have 10 Likes. I have been on twitter for 17 days (Feb 23 – Marc 12) I have 454 tweets. That come out to 27 tweets a day.
  • Preparing for the guest and actually doing the podcast is the best part. I prepare for guest by doing some research on their: Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook.
  • I am having to learn how to do some light video editing. I had to also learn what audio equipment to buy, and how to set it up. At first this all seemed daunting. But the internet is your best friend. For anyone curious I have the following setup:
    – Mics:  Audio Technica ATR2100
  • 3 Boom Arms
  • A Phone Tripod
  • Behringer Audio Interface UMC404HD
  • Art Headamp 4 channel
  • 2018 MacBook Air (512 SSD / 16GB Ram)
  • I am in the military so this is my day job, but man. I honestly only think about this all day. I am thinking about what I need to do next, what can I do different.
  • This is the scariest part about this journey for myself. I want to devote all of my time to this. I feel like EVERYTHING ELSE is just a waste of time. I was enrolled to University of White-Water Wisconsin to pursue my MBA. I left the program, due to the Government shut down. I can enroll again, and the military will pay for it. But I feel like all that material is taking away time I could be putting into this. This is scary because looking back, I could regret this. But what if I put all my energy into this? I do not want to regret, not trying this out 100%.

I understand this is kind of random, but it feels nice to just write out what I am doing. This is definitely more so for me than anyone else. I doubt anyone will read this.

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