Advice for a beginner Social Dancer


User HavokIris 

Listen to a lot of music. One thing that can be tricky at first is finding the beat. Having a good connection with the timing will help you put moves together.

User dancingdoctor2596

Yes, this. Listen to a ton of music and practice finding the 1 (assuming you are dancing on 1, if not practice finding the 2). Oftentimes, dancing on time is one of the most difficult parts about starting to dance and if you can get that down early, you can focus on the other stuff without worrying about the music.

User 9Q6v0s7301UpCbU3F50m 

Try to get partners (eg from your class) to dance with outside of class as soon as possible and as often as possible! It will really help you in class and will help you understand dancing to actual songs in a way that your class is maybe not teaching you.

User dwtatcnayf 

I would recommend doing balance, core, and flexibility exercises. Always pay attention to your frame, but don’t be too rigid!

User Cap2030   

Stick to whatever your instructor is teaching you. Practice outside of class is important but if you practice something the wrong way too much you will reinforce the wrong way. So don’t over do it.

Use a metronome to practice good timing. Learning to find the beat in music will take time. Using a metronome is a safe way to practice a rhythim until you’re able to find the beat.

User ChampagneNYC

Aside from listening to a lot of music, try and take a musicality class as soon as you can. As a matter of fact, I would take a musicality class at the beginning and 6 months down the road. You’re going to pick up a lot of instruments and timing which will help you a great deal and your comprehension will be different too when you’re starting out versus when you have some experience.

User feralcricket   

Relax. Don’t rush or try to be perfect. Don’t stress. Have fun.

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