Advice for Leaders to become fluid / stylish ?

Question by User u/7HVN8

what things do i need to work on to become more fluid and stylish?

I know basic hip movement and one basic body roll. But what other exercises do i need to gain more control and have more style?


User kradimir

Hey again, sorry for late answer.

From my point of view, leader guide and follower is the “firework”(I doesn’t mean you don’t need to have style, style is something you work on your whole life once you mastered what makes the follower as comfortable as possible). So for your dance to become as beautiful as possible you need to give comfort to your followers.

It’s extremely vague I know.

Try to be very clear, and to understand your frame and your follower’s frame. The frame is the most important thing in bachata, and sensual got a kinda different frame.

Check for insight video of how frame work.

It’ll give you a “straighter” look as a leader and help your follower understand better what you want her to do.

I could add stuff but people were faster than me. (I think Marius and Elena got some good video explaining how the frame work).

Good luck on working that frame !

User dhit

1- master the basic step.

2- learn how to know at any moment where your and your partner body weight is.

3- listen more music so you can improve your musicality.

4- learn on how to be soft but precise

User glad_you_asked

In no particular order of importance:

1. Forget about being embarrassed- everyone starts from zero and it will just impede your progress if you are too self-conscious

2. Go at least twice a week so you can build up without forgetting

3. Be patient, it takes time until your brain and body learn to understand the rhythm intuitively.

4. If you’re going to clubs, it’s helpful to know the difference between the various genres such as Salsa, Bachata, Merengue etc. can help with that

5. Learn the basic step and a few moves and keep practicing until you feel competent. Then continue to build up your repertoire. I found it helpful to memo in my own words the various moves I learned so that I would remember them later on and could practice at home

6. Have fun!!! 💃🏼🕺

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