Affordable salsa class options online for leaders?

Question by User:  quetienestu

Hello, I’m looking for classes that will help beginner to intermediate leaders keep up some salsa skills during quarantine. I am pursuing Dance with Rasa on Youtube (10/10!) but would love additional recommendations perhaps more geared towards leaders as well. Thanks!


User searinox2012 

Check Nery Garcia. In his YouTube he has announced online lessons. In fact there are some free lessons on his YouTube too.

User aloncise

Dance Dojo is the online site I think is decent:

It seems like the rest are addicted to patterns and teach steps instead of actual technique.

Since my primary role used to be a follower (I do both now) I was happy to see Dance Dojo breaks down both roles in equal detail.

I think they still have their free 2 week trial.

User salseropdx 

I’d suggest Addicted2Salsa. Anthony has a youtube channel with lots of moves that you can learn as a leader. He has also taken his library of moves and put them in an app for your phone. I hope this helps…

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