Bachata: Beginner needs advice

Question by User russellroy

Hey, aside from classes, and failing at socials because I am so new, anyone have any good strategies for practicing? Thought of recruiting someone at the same level, can anyone share what worked for them? I am a weak lead with limited experience, but a lot of enthusiasm and want to improve and practice more, any advice greatly appreciated!


User obubaley   

What worked for me as a beginner was like you said… Grab someone from your class and practice with them somewhere quiet at the beginning of social.

Aside from that, I used to go over all the videos from my classes at home alone just so I could get the muscle memory to give me the confidence to try things out on the dance floor.

But please, god, remember… The 100% most important thing is not how many moves you have or tricks you can pull off, it’s that you can listen to and move to the music. Definitely listen to as much bachata as you can when you can. Knowing the songs will help you dance to them, and from what followers say to me after we dance, to them that’s one of the most valuable things 🙂

User TentaclesForEveryone

If you want to get better at social dancing, you’re going to have to go to more socials, as painful as that can be at first. It’ll teach you better than anything else how to lead, as your followers won’t know what move you’re trying to do in advance. It will also teach you things that you probably won’t learn in class, like collision avoidance.

User wonderingwonderer26 

For me I started with private classes with almost no experience. For a month and a half twice a week private and one group class and I’ve been to two socials. The private classes will improve your skills WAY quicker. I’m confident to dance bachata at a social and never thought in a million years I would be dancing at a competent level so quickly. I know it is super expensive but if you’re serious and want to enjoy the dancing quicker I say bite the bullet and try at least a month of private sessions.

User Nghtmare-Moon

Join a team? Usually group classes don’t progress due to new people joining every time.

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