Bachata – Help with more advanced Moves

Question by User Stars_and_oceans

i can do the basic side step but it stays pretty stationary and i wanna be able to move around and do different things especially with the footwork


User Letsdancebachata

Are you taking some classes? I think the best way if you want to get more moves is to learn with a teacher. You have some good classes online too. If it’s only footwork, you can learn on your own and find some tutorials video on YouTube. Ataca y la Alemana are very good in footwork but you have plenty of others too. Good luck 😉

User Stars_and_oceans

i’m not taking classes but my whole family knows how to dance bachata

User Letsdancebachata

That’s awesome! So they can probably teach you new moves? And you can practice with them.

User MariusDA


I’m going to keep this short 😀

As professional Bachata artists we recommend you to take “normal classes” and dance as much as you can.

BUT, with the corona situation I will let you know that there is an awesome youtube channel with a looot of free good lessons.

Especially the footwork lessons will add some momentum to your dance.

Like the box step, side step, Cros step etc…

If you need :

Footwork -> (15 lessons, not that many but is growing)

Partnerwork / combos etc ->

Music Analysis/Musicality etc :

P.S. I’m Marius. Let me know if you find the usefull and if you have any more questions I would gladly post here in order to help you and everybody that needs the info.

P.P.S. The playlists are organized but from time to time I post something in the wrong playlist, if you don’t find something, just take a look around and If you still don’t find it let me know.

Yesterday we had a request for the Body Wave and we did a 20 minute lesson because in 5 yeards since we are posting, we just forgot about the body wave haha :))

User dadbot_2  

Hi going to keep this short 😀

As professional Bachata artists we recommend you to take “normal classes” and dance as much as you can, I’m Dad👨

User DanielCollinsBachata

It still helps to learn from a good teacher. The most important thing for learning and executing more advanced moves, in my opinion, is having a strong foundation on which to build. There are indeed a lot of online lessons now, which depending on where you’re located, may be your only option for a while. It’ll still help more to take in-person classes when you can so the instructor(s) can see you and give feedback.

Good luck though! Have fun with it, above all. 🙂

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