Beginner moves that don’t involve turning the follower

Question by User triplenoped

Hi, as the title says I want to learn a few moves I could do when the follower gets dizzy from turn patterns, which are also easy to lead and follow. So far, the only things I know that don’t involve turning are the basic and the CBL.

It has to be something that follows could actually follow without knowing the move, because the people in my class obviously also haven’t learned anything I didn’t.

One particular move I had in mind is when the leader leads the follower by her shoulders, walking her around. I couldn’t really come up with a name for it to search on youtube.

Main priority is learning moves that give the followers a break, second one is having something to do when the music turns lower energy.



User mejorguille   

You could do a :

– left/right turn as the lead
– hair combs
– let go and do shines (suzie Q etc)
sideways basic
the box step
variations of that cross body lead

User unstoppable-force 

hair combs

also, learn the million and one ways to do a CBL. there are tons of variations that don’t involve spinning.

also, if your follower is getting dizzy from turns, either they’re inexperienced and don’t know how to turn, or you’re turning them and putting them off orientation (or both). experienced dancers generally don’t get dizzy on turns because they know what to do with their head.

User CharloChaplin 

Turning her in the other direction is also good if you want to relieve her of her dizziness. Usually you get dizzy from spinning because your brain is going in one direction. Spinning the other way resets your brain back into place. Even if you do a broken left turn that’s would help.


Checked turns are typically a more advanced beginner element but might be doable. These involve a lead that signals to the follow that you’d like a turn but interrupts it before the turn can carry through. One I use a lot is stopping a ballerina turn. It does require pretty strict timing on the leads part. And it just ends being a stylish way to do a CBL for the follow.
One I see more by commonly is the stopping the hand check into 1 and half walkthrough left turn. That is just a convoluted way to do the basic. There are tons of variants of these two moves… And the general concept has tons of moves.

Learning these will also help you clarify your lead. Only potential issue is follows that ignore those signals.

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