Best heels for wide feet ?

Question by User Lost_concentration

Looking for everyone’s recommendations for 2-2.5” heels that fit well for people with wide feet! I’m currently dancing in a pair of Freed of London heels that are absolutely lovely shoes, but after a year of dancing in them they’re still a bit too tight and I can’t wear them for more then an hour or so :/


User missedcall

Wide feet are a struggle w dance shoes for sure. I’m so glad someone recommended these to me- I have several pairs of these heels and they have been my favorite. TT Dancewear has a few styles and i have many other shoes but these are the ones I always end up wearing.

User aloncise

Ray Rose Kalahari has worked the best for me so far. It has a square toe which works well for wide feet–Dark-Tan-Satin–Ladies-Latin-Dance-Shoes

Aida’s Karina can also be done in a square toe with triple width. They are a lot more expensive than all the other major brands like Ray Rose, Supadance, and International. I don’t think that such a big difference in price is worth it but I liked them as well.

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