Can You Dance Bachata in American Night Clubs ?

Question by Users: BuahahaXD y TruthSeekaaaaa

I’d like to use what I’ve learn in bachata (also in Salsa and Kizomba) to dance at local clubs where pop, disco and commercial music are play. Is that possible in some way?

I want to be able to dance on regular parties with different music styles (e.g. weddings, company integration parties). How should I make a transition to a party dance from a latin dance like bachata? I’m a man if it is relevant for the question.


User FilmEditingBy 

Bachata is done on a 4 count timing and it is ridulously easy to do to modern pop music. Try it out!

User Dorkan 

You can lead a girl that know almost nothing of dancing into dancing a little bit during a normal song if the tempo is right, using some easy salsa/bachata moves and spins

User Fer0li 

Dude, if you get the rhythm anything you do will look good. Sure throw your bachata moves, but don’t fixate on that. Be a little wild and have fun. I find that merengue and reggaeton moves are good in this as for the most part is not about the move but the energy you bring.


I’d say learn merengue and rumba. That covers a lot of bases as far as different styles of music go. They are also good for leading ladies who don’t know how to dance without a lot of instruction.

User lanzr   

Three things:

1) You can use the frame learned in Bachata in most other dances. That frame which keeps you and your partner secure and able to respond to each other.

2) You can use the footwork in electronic/rave/or hip hop dancing. Ataca has great examples of footwork.

3 ) You can use the way you safely turn someone in any other dance. Link.

User Animation

I do it all the time. I discovered that Bachata is great for swing (East Coast Swing). I just take out all of the Latin motion from my body and I use more of a rock/swing energy in my body. It works great. I do this because I dont like the East Coast Swing dance much, but I like the music.

I also discovered that I can use a lot of my Salsa moves at the Irish music night when they do an Irish Waltz. I found that I can convert all the slow steps in the salsa patterns I know to make them all fit the 3-count timing, and because Irish Waltz dancing at the pub doesnt follow a strict line of dance (like in normal waltz) that I could re-purpose some of my stuff.

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