Can you learn bachata on your own (in quarantine)?


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In theory, yes. In practice, no, bachata is a social activity. I would use my time for something else and definitely give it a try when classes and clubs are open.


You can learn some elements that would be really handy for when you start learning with partner(s).


Yes. Learn the steps- But then you have to loosen up after you’ve mastered the steps and overcome missteps smoothly, overcome rhythm changes smoothly and try to copy other moves to improvise different partners….

I find that a glass of wine helps to loosen up and vibe with different partners… which you can do alone too


No, not really.

You can practice the basic steps, and footwork routine and how to loose up, but 80% of bachata is leading/following. If you can’t do that, you won’t be able to learn.

What you could do is convince a friend to learn with you, and you and your new-found partner could definitely learn together.


You can learn some few things but obviously not the partnerwork: – basic and fundamentals steps – footwork – body movement – spinning technique – weight transfer

You can find some tutorials online.

And if you want I wrote an article about how to start dancing Bachata. It’s more about finding the good teacher, school…

Good luck 😉


Most definetly you can learn by yourself.

This is a really good way, but it’s hard.

Think like this… To boxers train alone? Why? They still fight with somebody (a partner).

That is not to say that boxers only train alone.

I like to call it “shadow dancing”.

You know what’s hard? Dancing alone.

Me and my partner, whenever we teach we have a say : “Learn to dance with yourself, before you dance with somebody else”.

Trust me … after 5 years of teaching and 10 years of dancing, I can say without a doubt you can learn bachata on your own. You also practice your imagination (imagining a partner).

There are some many elementes to bachata that you can master on your own:

fundamentals (practice this like there is now tomorrow.)

footwork, body-movement, musicality, spinning, etc.

If you need some help to get through this hard time… visit our youtube channel where we already have a ton of free tutorials or if you want to dive in right into bachata :

1. partnerwork (you can try shadow dancing these lessons) (over 50 lessons… some are really old :D)

2. footwork : (fewer lessons, just didn’t had time to add more because people want combos 😀 )

3. musicality :

4. body -movement :

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