Change of Plans

Something is happening.
Something that is occurring more and more often.
It appears that I am receiving a lot of “Let’s Reschedule” texts.

Life happens and people are busy.
At no point to do I bitch or complain.
But I am starting to make a mental note of it.
People are usually gracious enough to reschedule.
(Which is the most important part)

The crazy thing about this occurrence is; I am often relieved when they want to reschedule.

I cannot tell you why.
Deep down I feel this since of anxiousness or anxiety right before and interview.

Please do not get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE talking to these wonderful individuals.

I get to hear their amazing back stories:

  • How they got into dancing
  • what their beginner stage was like
  • how they got through their tough times
  • The life of someone living their dreams.

OMG OMG OMG how amazing is that?
Seriously, does it get better than that.

Their stories often inspire me to do more.
I have been consuming a lot Gary Vee lately.
His message combined with such amazing people, has been the oil to my fire.
The Flour to my cake.
The Beer to my Bathroom.
The bad Breath to my Toothbrush.

(If you get what I am saying???)
But back to the original question, I feel a sense of relief. When I get the message “X came up, lets reschedule.” I guess its kind of like when you make plans with someone, but you are not entirely eager to do such things.
This sounds absolutely terrible. Like I do not want to interview these people. But I honestly cannot put it into different words. Earlier today I interviewed Daniel Schauenburg. Who is an Urban Kiz Dancer, Performer and Instructor from Feiburg, Germany.

I absolutely LOVED the interview. I could have listened to that dude speak for another 45 minutes. EASY.

I believe the issue is with just the uncertainty of meeting a new person. A Stranger. Someone who I have never met before. Of course, I do my research before all of my interviews. But before the face to face, All I am seeing is the Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube Videos. The pictures, the text messages back and forth. All culminating in this face to face with a complete stranger.

But guess what!!!

I have yet to have a bad interview.
Que Rico!!!

Just some random thoughts of mine.
Thanks for reading.
Check out the podcast for interviews of amazing Dancers, Instructors and Performers. Who specialize in Kizomba, Semba, Brazilian Zouk, Salsa, Bachata, Merengue and Ballroom

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