Dance Instructor; Alternatives to FaceBook ?

Question by User temporary1990

I teach a salsa class but want to delete Facebook. Since 99% of socials and other stuff is coordinated via it, am I fucked?


User enetheru

I deleted facebook for similar reasons you have expressed in the comments, spent two years happily not knowing the minutiae of the ‘karens’ of the world, and the dramas of all the people, hardly any body posts genuinely engaging original content on facebook, it’s just marketing and social engineering all the way down. Then I was encouraged to start teaching salsa again so I got a new facebook account, my mental health definitely declined. But I have presence, so its a trade. Even though honestly I get most of my business by word of mouth.

I opened a new account with the explicit goal to not post or comment, and only admin my dance page.

Things I learned:

– remember all those photos and videos you were tagged in? gone.. for that alone I wish I hadn’t deleted my account. So many party shots of fun I can no longer leverage.

– Unless you really use facebook as a driving force for mass engagement it might not be as useful as you think

– I tried to not post or comment, but unfortunately there is too much ignorance in the world for me not to share my value on the platform, so engagement will happen.

– everyone uses facebook messenger, which is a massive PITA since I wont install that shit on my phone. seriously get signal everyone! encryption by default.

Good luck keeping out of big brothers gaze.

User airbrat   

My buddy teaches as well but he created a separate FB account just for that. Just go that route.

Yeah as much as I hate to say it but FB is a ‘necessary’ evil. People are going to continue to use it so you have no choice but to use it to expand your services. I loathe FB but I use it to keep in touch with my dance community as well.

User gumercindo1959 

Tough, my friend. I’ve been off FB for over a year and don’t regret it. I don’t do twitter or instagram either. But I’ve found that my area has a local WhatsApp group that promotes stuff knowing that there are some folks that simply don’t do social media. Some areas send out email blasts of events, meetup does things, etc. good luck.

User JadedSociopath

Facebook is necessary for your communications and online marketing. Just start another account specifically for the business.

User tvgtvg 

Note that another account still tracks you, with all the pages you open. So if your goal is privacy you do not reach that. For this you should have a seperate browser instance on a seperate computer used ONLY for managing this page

If your goal is to not share information with other users of facebook , another account is the way to go

User mexinuggets 

You can try the Meet Up app. It is a decent alternative as most of the dance studios in the area use it.

I just put minimal information to create the account and after it was created, I edited my profile to remove additional information.

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