Dancing outdoors

Question by user yungyung

Social dancing is starting up where I am, outdoor only. Issue I’ve been having is I’m kinda afraid to do a bunch of stuff on concrete or asphalt. Its a pain to turn/spin on for the follow (and for me), and its not even, so its a trip hazard.

I don’t know how to do any Cuban, just linear on1/on2. Got any tips for what I can do, besides just doing basic non-complex stuff, CBLs, change of places, etc.? I find myself second guessing everything I want to do, thinking if I should or shouldn’t do what I want to do next, because of the dance surface.


User ewdontdothat

I’ve done a bunch of dancing on pavement the last two years. I get the occasional follower who doesn’t want to do any turns at all, but that is rare. You adjust to the surface very quickly, doing stepping turns or hops, and then pretty much all your moves are doable, with the exception of multiple spins.

User californiastateuni 

bad for concrete bad for your shoes, I’d pick up another activity as it’s still a bit risky but rather do it before fall or when the weather starts turning colder

User TruDanceCat 

Also- bad for your joints! I’m a dance teacher, and I would never dance on pavement or concrete. It’ll tear up your knees and back!

User FToaster1   

Get a pair of crappy shoes and make sure to wear the soles down to smooth as quickly as possible. And try to avoid too many spins.

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