Dealing with people at socials

Question By Robotlord360

When you go to socials how do you interact with people you don’t mind taking, to but absolutely hate dancing with? Any tips?

It’s not that they’re creepy or rude, but they’re followers that have been dancing for a while but still have poor technique/ fundamentals and it makes them hard to dance with. The problem is it’s enjoyable when we chit chat, but then I can feel them hang around waiting for me to ask them to dance… of course if they asked me I would say yes.. but otherwise I wouldn’t.


User wanderingelephantlif 

I usually just give people I know one obligatory dance each. Depends why you hate dancing with them – are they rough, forceful or maybe even inappropriate? Is it just that they are a lower level? Can’t get the timing/connection right? I don’t mind dancing with beginners but I will not dance with anyone creepy – I just avoid eye contact and move to the other side of the room if they come my way. Never feel like you have to dance with anyone but if it’s just that they’re a beginner, the song will be over soon enough anyway.

User snackingontears ​

I think this is good advice. Generally what I do as well. If you’re my friend (but we don’t have great dance chemistry) you get one dance a night, usually in the beginning of the night. I tend to just kind of wander off from a convo saying I need to get water or something when I can tell a song is ending and I don’t want to dance with the person I’m talking to…

User ingloriabasta 

For me, a social is social. It should not be just about having the best dances of your life. I know a lot of people I really look forward to seeing, but I do not particularly like their dancing. I always dance with them, because having good chemistry and fun makes it nice and enjoyable. I always laugh with them if something goes wrong. It makes my night, and you can chat over a drink after. Also, if they are friendly and cool, they’d never “occupy” you for a dance. At least, that never happened to me so far.

Just appreciate each other!

User All__fun 

Keep it short and formal would be my suggestion.

Do not feel forced/obliged to ask them to dance.

Always smile, give a warm energy, but never do anything you are not comfortable doing.

User Danceregal 

Nobody is obliged to dance with anyone else just as nobody is entitled to a dance with someone else. I dance with my friends at socials because they are my friends and not because they are the best dancers with whom I can show off my best moves. Of course I always want to dance with the best ones too! Dance with whomever you want and enjoy dancing with but you will reap what you sow and may find there are fewer and fewer who will be interested in chatting on the sidelines while you wait for someone better to dance with.

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