Describe the Kizomba/ Urban Kiz scene in your city.


User TroyBurnett

Great Instructors, almost daily classes in several different locations, at least one weekly social dance, sometimes more. Chicago

User LastDanz 

Sevilla (North Africa)
Most of instructors teach traditional kizomba “or something like that”; excepting one of them (J.M.Campos, based on Studio 5, 6, 7), who is an enthusiastic urban-kizzer 🙂

Socials.. excepting specific kiz parties, I use to find people dancing bachata in kiz songs..
Luckily, there’s a local (Garufa) where monthly a kiz party takes place (arranged by Dj Franki); Studio 5, 6, 7 & J.M.Campos arrange a pair of only-kiz parties each year; and a pair of kiz festivals are recently borned (Kizomba Sur, Meeting Kizz)

User moncalzada 

Cincinnati: great growing community. Focusing on both traditional and Urban Kiz. We also have the neighboring communities of Indianapolis and Columbus with whom we share events.

User All__Fun

Richmond, Virginia.
A very small scene.
Sadly I feel like the crowd has not grown, nor have the dancers improved in the past couple of years.

This is one part due to our instructors and second part due to the small social dance scene we have.

Socials maybe once a week.
Classes maybe once a week.
It is better than nothing.

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