Disgusting things you have experienced on the dance floor ?

User  throwaway202223

Disgusting things I saw (as a lead), and keeps me up at nightDamn it, don’t smoke before dancing

1. Damn it, cut your long nails, bro, it is gross

2. Damn it, brush your teeth and chew 10 pieces of gum bro

3. Damn it, wash your body, greasy hair and clothes bro, they smell rotten fish

4. I know she is cute/hot, you don’t have to act like a macho man and bad mouth other leads to impress her, this is silly. And please have decency, don’t staring at the boobs ass, and don’t share your sexual thoughts with me, I just want to learn to dance for the purposes of showing off, getting girl is no my concern at all.

User Achilleshiel 

Someone puked on me in a social dance club. So, could be worse.

User Arshia42 

I don’t know what it is about social dancing that has some people have bad breath, seems way more common than in other settings. Number of times I’ve offered someone gum just it became unbearable to continue talking with them…

User rehabbinit 

I said the same things to someone the other day and he told me it’s part of salsa. I was in a party and changing of air was not dealt with so whole scene just stank. Tbh even when I didnt dance I always percieved salsa a bit dirty.

Even in my practice class where same 50 women go from week to week, there are at least 5 stinker.

User double-you 

Sweat is a part of any dance situation, but there’s a huge difference between sweat on a recently washed body and sweat on a week-in-the-forest body. “Clean sweat” doesn’t really smell.

User HealMeBr0 

People dancing On1

But honestly dancers not washing their hands after using bathroom and spreading that through dances

User dwkfym

Not really gross, but I’m always impressed by the persistence and patience of an intermediate dancer homing in and dancing together all night with a new girl to the scene hoping to get some naughty naughty later. Even funnier walking away looking defeated after 12 dances having missed out on dances for half the night.

User megustacookie

Followers’ fish hands, meaning they apply 0 hand pressure against my hands, it’s frustrating, coz I can’t give out the signal. I also hate followers doing the hand circle motion when holding hands on back and forth basic steps, and I always stop them by maintaining the still hand position.

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