Favorite Brazilian Zouk Festivals?

Question by User  All__fun

Just Curious what are your favorite and least favorite Brazilian Zouk Festivals ??


User davelim

I went to DCZouk this year as my first Zouk congress. I thought the workshops and social dance floors had space issues at least compared to other bachata/salsa congresses I’ve been to. This was particularly challenging in some of the workshops because there was not enough space to even attempt the move without running into someone. With that being said, I heard the venue for 2019 is changing to another hotel which has more space.

User mccrabb 

DC Zouk

User FragaZouk 

Hands down Canada Zouk Congres and/or LA Zouk Festival!!!

User davelim 

Favorite : Canada Zouk

Highest dancer level congress i’ve been so. Best organized / well run congress. Many artists which can’t travel to US attend. There’s a reason tickets sell out the first day they are released

Least : DC Zouk

First time I went I had a really good time, but last year, it was really disorganized and some artists / dj’s backed out because of it. Worst was they were still putting the dance floor together the first night, and I don’t think they started until 1/2am.

User Reddit_on_Roxy 

I remember that about DC Zouk. Someone talking about it at Zouk heat as well. The thing you mentioned about Zouk MX being a party is very true and unsafe. There are other festivals like Bazouka and what used to be Berg’s Congress that is 6 days of dancing. Instructors drinking and partying is fine yet unprofessional and I’m glad you brought it up because if others get injured that is their job on the line so it’s not something that they should be doing; getting plastered and then dancing with newbies or dancing in general with anybody while their plastered.

User Reddit_on_Roxy 

Berg’s Congress, Canada Zouk. Least favorite Queen Mary LA Zouk and Zouk MX. Canada had great dance floors which is number one important thing for a dancer as well as talented dancers in shows and social dancing. The deck parties on the Queen Mary and random bar venues for Zouk MX have terrible floors. The timing and how long we wait for things to happen was annoying as well

User davelim 

Zoukmx broke a wall for me that I had been struggling with so i’ll provide a counter point. I don’t think there is another congress where you are dancing for 6 days (or more). I think I got to know more people seeing them that many days in a row. The tighter spacing makes you more aware of your surroundings and focus more on musicality over moves and body isolations over space consuming moves. Something about the atmosphere is amazing to me. Everyone is drenched in sweat, the floor is covered in sweat, and everyone is just dancing having a grand’ol time. For me, I sweat easily so i’m a bit more conscious of it at a congress. At zoukmx, i no longer had that worry since everyone is in the same boat. I just worried if I took a break, cold sweat is a bad thing but can be mitigated by never stopping (easier as a lead). If you go to zoukmx, I think you just need to keep a few things in mind. It’s F’ing hot/humid and I can’t emphasize this enough. It’s more a party vibe than learning focused vibe. If you are a type to chase artists down to dance, expect them to be extremely drunk. Don’t expect things to run smoothly, last minute changes a plenty. Don’t expect dance floors. You’ll be dancing on concrete/tiles/wood slates etc.

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