Favorite music sources Amazon, Apple. Spotify, et al


My 2 music current music sources:

I have a legacy iTunes library (as old as the click wheel) with many downloads from free library CDs so lots of old stuff that I love so much. And since I have also purchased many songs directly from the iTunes store I own them forever. But I no longer want to pay for individual songs. I did a trial membership for the unlimited version and was unimpressed for the cost so canceled.

I also have the free version of Amazon Music that comes with my prime membership. It’s good but they are always trying to get me to upgrade and I will have songs in my playlists that they just take off and put in premium and that sucks.

I am thinking of upgrading to a paid service but not sure which is better. I want to be able to make playlist easily and access to diverse Latin music, not just top 40 dj stuff. I also like to access other genres – as in all genres.

Recommendations and experiences appreciated. Thanks.



When I started driving a distance to work and was able to connect my phone to my car stereo, I started with basic Slacker, then upgraded to paid. Then I started my current job and was talked into Spotify – everyone in the company had it. I upgraded that to Premium and I have multiple playlists. Classic Rock, Alternative ’80s, Latin Dance Party, Swing Dance Party. I follow other people’s playlists. Our dance studio has playlists for specific dances/levels that we use for practicing. And if I hear something I want to add, it’s very easy.

Many years ago I did the XM thing, and had another trial subscription with my new car when I bought it in ’19, but there were still ads, and their definition of “alternative ’80s” clashes so seriously with my own that I just shut the whole thing down when the trial ended.

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When it comes to Salsa, I like using YouTube because of the live versions. I made a playlist with live versions. When I’m dancing at home it’s like having a band playing in front of me and I’m able to watch every musician playing. In my daily tasks I use Spotify. Sometimes I also buy original CDs to listen in the car and to read information about the records.

Even though I don’t have premium accounts, I use tricks to not get adds like hacked Spotify and YouTube in my phone and add blockers in my computer. If I want any track in a CD or in a pendrive for something else, I just download it from YouTube. So I think if you only use this tracks for personnal use, there are ways to get it for free.

You can download from YouTube in video or audio. And the quality is exactly like YouTube. I usually download those videos which the channel is called topic – the artist name, because those are guaranteed to be the authentic tracks from that artist. But try it yourself, google “YouTube MP3 download” and you’ll find a lot of websites that will convert YouTube videos to MP3, you choose the size (that will influence the quality) and then you download the track you want.

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