Finding dance socials / parties while traveling

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For a salsa / bachata addict who is also living a nomadic / expat life, finding the social dance parties has been extremely important to me but also a bit challenging. Like I literally chose where to move my family to next based on distances to dance events. Well, it was at least one of my top criteria.

So anyway, I wanted to share what has worked best for me to find dance nights in new locations and maybe learn from some of you how you find the socials.

Googling works for bigger cities, it has worked for me in Berlin and London. Then there is the mapdance app, but it is a bit of a hit and miss ( a lot of places are missing from it).

So currently, my best weapon is to search for salsa schools in the area using Google maps, then find the school on facebook and usually on their page I can find events they have planned or can message them to ask.

Got other tips on finding dance events in smaller locations?


User dwkfym   

I e-mail nearby dance schools, especially near smaller cities. Otherwise I’ll ask here or on facebook.


Search for FB groups and events

User sillycweed 

Maybe meetup?

But dance studios may be the best starting point, since they are running a business and they are actively advertising. Then you can ask the dance teacher where to go.

I prefer bars/clubs over socials. But socials are always nice because people tend to be more open, friendly and willing to dance. And that’s when I talk to people and try to get info on where else to go.

When you get word of mouth that tends to be more reliable. When you find info online be sure to call and confirm first. Salsa at bars/clubs tend to come and go rather quickly, because salsa doesn’t make money compared to a normal party night… big difference is alcohol consumption, that’s where the money is.

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also, facebook search of the city and “salsa”. Then cross reference between the facebook results and the two lists above.

Generally the ones with lots of “going” or “interested” clicks on FB are the place to be if there are multiple events on the same night.

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