Advice for Going to Your First Social Dance Party

Question by User sharkman2019

Beginner salsa male here .. been doing it for 4 months and loving it. Am an okay dancer for my level, sometime struggle to follow the beat but can find 1 usually and reset

So I am going to my first true party that is with strangers. Usually my socials are with my class people so most partners even if more advanced know me and how i danceIn the party if I am dancing with a person I don’t know should I

1. Say hello, say my name and then dance. I can’t really talk and dance so that’s about the max 😀

2. Should i say I am still learning so pardon my mistakes

3. Ask her at the end if she would like to dance again later?

Any other tips on dancing with a stranger would be welcome

Just want to dance and practice so no other intentions like dates etc.


User curiouscheesecake

Been dancing for nearly 4 years now, I know how awkward it was for my first social dancing without people I know. My tips are:

1. You don’t need to say you are a beginner. Improvers/intermediate and up dancers will just feel your lead and realise you are at the same level so she will keep it simple so you both can follow and enjoy the dance.

2. Just ask them to dance if they are standing by the floor waiting to dance, skip the introduction/awkward friendly talk. Connect with just the dancing, when the song finishes just do a hi 5/smiley face thanks for the dance. And if you start dancing with them more then during the night/or see them more often. Then after the song is over move off the dance floor if ya wna talk to em abit more then just dancing.

3. I never really ask a girl if the would like to dance again, its just if we are both free again on the dancefloor I’ll ask them for a dance. Don’t take it to heart if a girl doesn’t want to dance with you. You ain’t a mind reader, so just ask another girl to dance instead. Keep it mellow, keep it chill :)!

User Nickross98

Hi, I’m more than 3 years in, and remember well the first struggles in asking someone to dance, as a lead. My tip is to just chill out, people just want to have fun, and don’t care about you being a beginner, they will figure it out anyway. At the end, I usually smile and say thanks, if I liked to dance with that follow, I’m going to ask her again later, but I don’t say it right away.

User double-you

Ask her at the end if she would like to dance again later?

This is a rather pointless thing to ask. Most women won’t say no even if they think it. Sometimes people (experienced dancers though) do just state “let’s dance again later” and leave. And IMO it is much better as they state that they are interested in dancing again but no awkward answers need to be given.

Yes, say hello. Perhaps say your name. Sometimes I only introduce myself after I’ve danced several times with somebody because at that time I am more likely to remember the name.

Yes, you can say you are a beginner. It can be helpful. At least then people know that you know you are a beginner. And everybody’s been one.

Generally people don’t talk while they dance. Some people talk every time they dance but generally their dancing is not as involved. Talking definitely is not expected. And really you can manage totally fine without ever saying a word, even to ask people to dance as gestures are a thing. And sometimes necessary because sound volume.

User Chris_Yannick

–>” Say hello, say my name and then dance. I can’t really talk and dance so that’s about the max

Yes. Do this. Every time. I would even leave out saying your name. Just take her and dance.

–>” Should i say I am still learning so pardon my mistakes “

No. Never do that, ESPECIALLY before you start dancing with a stranger. While most people will be sympathetic to you, some will roll their eyes and think to themselves “Oh one of these guys…”. Better to allow them to make their own judgments of your dancing on their own without you having to say anything.

–> “Ask her at the end if she would like to dance again later?”

Umm… this is like the same as not saying anything lol. Unless you know she really enjoyed dancing with you, I wouldn’t say this.

User gumercindo1959

1. Yes

2. No

3. No

I think for 2 and 3, it can work but with context. For 2, I would only do it with someone you’ve gotten to know and is (much) more experienced than you.

For 3, I think it’s ok to do with someone that you obviously have a great connection with (and you know the feeling is mutual). It’s not really necessary since if you really want to dance with her again and chemistry is good, then just ask her again later. Make sure chemistry is good.

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