Gift Ideas for Salsa Dancer?

User ilurkcute

Workshop, festival, or congress passes

User Bento-

just my two cents.

Be sure she has enough experience for a festival/workshop. Ask her “dance circle” if they´re planning to attend somewhere.

Shoes should have a really good fit. Maybe take her on a sightseeing/shopping trip to a nice town where a large/good store for dancing shoes is located.

A really helpful gadget would be a nice foldable hand-fan.

User andreobrown

You could buy her a package of private classes with a good instructor. If she attends classes at a dance studio, you could see if they offer gift certificates for private lessons.

User clemkaddidlehopper

Bras, panties, or tight pants with cell phone pockets are also great. Then you don’t have to worry about someone watching your purse while you dance.

Foot massages and treatments and pedicures are also good for lady dancers because the high heels are hard on feet and you’re showing off your toes.

User katyusha8

Ray Rose makes good dance shoes, I also like Ads. You might want to get her a shoe with a teaching heel so that she doesn’t get as tired dancing for hours at a time. Also, dance wear is fun but might be hard to pick what she likes and in tbe right size. So maybe a gift card to They are pricy but there are other dance wear stores out there that sell gift cards

User skotzko

Another one is good salsa sneakers that have some decoration on them so they look cool, as an alternative to heels. My dance partner loves hers. Think she got them from GFranco Shoes but there are other brands I’m sure.

User JadedSociopath

Salsa isn’t about stuff really…

I’d suggest getting her something fun to wear when she goes dancing depending on her style. Makeup? Scarves? Skirt

Something she wouldn’t wear day to day, but makes her feel special when she goes out to dance.

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