How do you make your dance partner smile or laugh?


User Calaide96 

Do a weird face at them. Always works.

everything with moderation 😉 Also, reading the mood is important.

User missedcall  

I had someone spin me around and duck down low w a weird face and it scared the shit out of me. Was so off putting. Just be careful w how weird. And don’t do it all the time either. That gets old fast.

Just smile first! Smile throughout the dance. Smile when you mess up. Smile when your partner misses a step and you have to try and make plan b work. Smile when someone bumps into you. Smile when you bump into someone else, add a wink maybe. Smile w your eyes! Just smile!

For me the best dances, when i smile the whole time, can be soooper basic and just playing w the musicality of the steps. And for the love of god, move around the room. I can’t tell you how many time i’ve looked at the same corner for an entire dance. Spin, back to facing the corner, spin again, back to the corner. Those dances feel like they last forever.

User TijoWasik 

My regular dance partner? Do something that she thinks she knows (start a routine, just as she’s starting to autopilot, switch it up and do something unexpected).

Partners I’ve danced with before that kind of know me – do something sexy whilst turned away from them. Like, face away and hold the arms, then body roll or something, but over exaggerate the sexy. Always works.

Someone I don’t know – arm work. Never fails to please.

Edit – to add something, musicality. If you know the song and know where the breaks are or something like a double bass pound on 4 beats, or even something that just matches the lyrics (like a heartbeat sound or something), play with it, do something with it, don’t just dance through it.

User Marcgp 

The easiest way is smiling/laughing first.

User dhit   

Make over the top dramatic hand play. Always works

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