How long did it take you to learn to do multiple spins?


User to_es93

About 4 years

User projektako   

About one year of consistent training and practicing proper technique… struggled for years before that.

User paulietea   

I’ve been dancing for a year and they’re definitely getting easier but after an hour at class I’m definitely not feeling fantastic

User enetheru 

I need more context, to lead or follow or solo?

From zero to double solo probably a couple of years but I didn’t even start attempting them for ages.

Triples came not long after that and quadruples I find I get only a small percentage of the time even after years.

Leading doubles was introduced in intermediate classes, thats level 3, and I was doing those within six months.

I don’t follow as much as I would like, but given a good leader I can do doubles or triples poorly. I’ve never had anyone attempt to lead more than that, perhaps I should ask?.

My record is five solo before I fall out, and I’m super impressed by people who can do more like Terry and people who can do them consistently whilst social dancing and having fun.

User Ngil421   

Unassisted and not travelling, 7 months. Spotting helps, winding up in the opposite direction of your turn helps and finding your center takes time. I would go to the gym everyday and practice spinning in the mirror and then one day it just happened! For more help:

User clane2ndwindow

Some people never get good at them. There’s a good online class here:

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