How much eye contact is appropriate?

Question by User kc_joeyy

I’m asking for the case when you’re social dancing with someone for the first time. I feel that looking into their eyes all the time can become really awkward or come across as creepy, but I don’t want to keep looking away either and come off as disinterested. What trade-off works best for you guys?


User brownboyweird

If you don’t blink you’ll assert your dominance

User Ze_Le_Epic

Switch eye placement between their footwork, hands, and their eyes. With the eyes, flash em a smile. Just focus on having fun and not stepping on them.

User salseropdx 

Handle it the same way you would in polite social conversation. Too much eye contact comes across as creepy and too little comes across as disinterested or rude. And smile occasionally. You mentioned it would be your first time dancing with the person so make sure to ask their name if you do not know it and to share your name.

User ab10134 

It’s an interesting question. One of the criticisms I noticed when watching some of my favorite dancers, terry and maykel fonts is that at some times they don’t show enough eye contact with their partners. Tbh I think many times those criticisms are nit picky and usually probably not the criticism that their partners are noticing as their leads are elite nonetheless. I don’t think it’s bc of their lack of acknowledgement, but rather mere style and their focus to their body movements and musicality. To answer your question, for social dancing, as long r u are acknowledging your partner strengths and weaknesses and its apparent u r having a good time showing u should be fine.

User double-you   

3 seconds on, 4 seconds off. Count out loud, this way they know you are following the protocol.

Not really.

Why would you look into somebody’s eyes the whole time? Is this what you do when you talk to people?

As a leader, if you are just looking at the follow, you will fail. Your job is to also monitor the traffic that is happening all around you. For example, when you go for a crossbody lead, when you step off the line, look left to check that there is actually room.

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