How Slippery Do You Like Your Dance Shoes ?

Question by User TheHiggsBroson

I have two pairs of dance shoes. One has suede bottoms, the other (Gfranco Indoor/Outdoor Shoes) has a special non-suede/non-leather dance sole which has far less friction than rubber. It has similar feel to suede shoes, but slightly less slippery I would say.

I often feel like these shoes are TOO slippery for me. Yes, they make it easier to turn and with less knee pain than something like rubber, but with many quick changes in direction, I find myself slipping or losing footing (and yes technique improvement could certainly fix that issue!). I have danced on pretty much every floor imaginable (studio floors, hardwood floors, engineered wood floors, tile, smooth concrete etc.)

I’m curious what others think. Are suede shoes too slippery for you? Does anybody else prefer some friction for a better grip with the floor like I do?


User katyusha8

I only dance in suede shoes but you can always take a shoe brush to the sole of you feel too slippery. I know people also wet their soles to not slip but that a very temporary fix.

User SmokyBG   

I choose dress shoes with the smoothest and most non-rubbery/plasticky sole I can find; they slide decently when you get some dirt/powder on them, but have good grip on all but the most slippery surfaces.

Can’t compare them to suede soles as I have never owned some of those.

User red_nick 

Suede is just a pain in the arse to look after, so I normally wear leather soles. However, I recently got Taygra shoes with the wavy PVC soles, which seem to be the perfect level of grip and slip

User MilknBones   

I find if I don’t brush my shoes regularly, they get super slippery…

User double-you   

I have no idea how to explain how slippery I like my shoes. Also I feel that what I would like is not possible since grip is nice, but knees are nice too.

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