How to attract younger audience to class?

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Hey guys!

Been dancing for about to 6 months now, I’m 22 male. My school has the best on2 teacher of the city and I love taking classes with him. Thing is, people that go to my school are really old, avarge I think is like 50. I volunteered to my teacher to do the marketing in social networks to attack a younger audience, which is what my teacher and I want.

Any suggestions on this? Also, if your academy has a 20-35 age range, please send the facebook link 🙂

Thanks 🙂


User onehellofawitch

Hi there! 30F here, danced from age 15-22.

A few ideas to consider:

*I don’t know where you live, but I have lived in both big cities and small towns. The small towns tend to have an older clientele. I’ve noticed that the bigger cities tend to have studios that appeal to your age group, or a better mixed demographic. I would use Google to find the highest rated dance studios in known salsa cities, like LA, New York, Chicago (not a salsa City, per se, but has enough that might be useful to you), Miami, etc. You can either stalk their social media, their websites, or email/call them to see what they are doing to appeal to a younger clientele.

*Work with local high schools and colleges. Either offer discount nights, or free nights for students to come and test out the studio. some colleges have dance programs, or dance clubs, even salsa clubs, that would be interested in partnering with a local studio. You can also put up flyers advertising your studio in approved areas around the college.

*Speaking of flyers, put them in places that younger folks might hang out, like trendier coffee places.

*Get friends in your age range to go and post about it on social media. Make sure that the studio’s social media is up-to-date, and that they are using platforms other than Facebook (SnapChat, Insta, etc.)

*if local bars and clubs offer a Latin dance night around you, get your studio to offer free lessons before the night club opens to get the name out. If they don’t offer Latin dance nights, pitch it to them as a suggestion to start offering. one thing that I’ve noticed in my travels around the United States is that younger people tend to take lessons when there are sexy social places for them to practice those skills.

*I don’t know if your studio does performances, but you can also perform at places where younger people hang out, whether that’s college campuses, popular festivals, etc. Seeing what lessons can do for you in person really makes an impact.

*Make sure that your affordability is on point for people in the age range that you are targeting. Offer student discounts if you need to.

I know that any further suggestions will really depend on where you live specifically, but I hope this is helpful. Best of luck to you and your studio!

Source: I make my living planning events and marketing them to 18-25 year olds.

User double-you

Young people are pretty ageist. They go where there are young people. If they come to class where they are a minority, they are likely to not come back. So you would need to get a large enough group at the same time. A way is to have a separately located class that just happens to be located where there’s a bunch of young people around. E.g. students.

It is quite a conundrum.

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