How to dance cheekily?

Question by User LifeLiterature0987

Hi. Been dancing Bachata for awhile now… but have been feeling my moves are getting a little stale.

Just wondering if there are any resources available when I can make my dance more cheeky? The kind of moves that will make the follow laugh. I believe this will make the dance more fun for both myself and the follow.

Thank you!


User KiD_ArMaNi

I kinda understand what you are looking for but there are litterally thousands of ways to do this. Best way is to put your personality into it and surprise her while leading her well. Experiment and be creative.

User hatzfeld

I agree with putting some personality into it. If you dance for a while can check videos from artists you like on social media and try it during the socials. Abdel and Lety are good if you’re looking for unconventional funny moves

User DanielCollinsBachata

Learn to shimmy, and learn to apply that at times that makes sense in the music, usually either with the bongo or güira. I have tons of moves, but that one has been the most consistent in making follows smile and/or laugh.

Also generally making slight modifications to your moves based on the music can help a lot. I’ve had times where the club was so packed that I couldn’t do any open moves, but little changes in rhythm in a closed position (not just moving the follow’s body like a ragdoll) got smiles that I didn’t even expect. I was worried about not being able to give the follows my best dance with a lot of cool moves, but I noticed they understood the lack of space and were just as happy as they would’ve been otherwise.

So basically if you don’t have a lot of moves, try doing what you have musically and you’ll be appreciated for it.

User digitalsmear

The first thing to do is spend time listening to, understanding, and counting music.

What you’re asking for has an incredibly diminished impact if your musicality is weak. Very simple hip bumps can get smiles and giggles if they’re done at the right moment in the music.

User russellroy

I was thinking the same thing, bachata kiss videos with a guy named John are inspiring! He has a great time, smiles so much, is a bit cheeky and totally puts his personality into it. Some are posted further down the thread

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