How to structure my learning?

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I take 3 classes a week and i have so much time in the week to practice at home but i feel like i have no proper structure for learning outside of class. I feel like just rehearsing the videos I recorded from class in my room is okay but surely theres a more efficient way to use my time? Any suggestions?


User reptar_ham

Listen to bachata timing songs and mess around with your footwork, always making sure you’re either tapping or shuffling on the 4.

Also watch YouTube videos

User grey_alchemist

Using the class videos is great. Here is another suggestion: watch dance videos and try to break down what they are doing and what count they are doing it on. It’s a good way to train your brain. Also, dance to music and see what inspires you. Have fun.

User Basas

At least in the beginning for me the most valuable experience was from social parties.

Practicing sensual bachata alone sounds a lot like learning how hurt your partner. At least with some moves.

User All__fun

OH man, !!!

You have to go social dancing.

Understand that taking class is ok.”

But it is a controlled environment.

Social Dancing is another form of practice.

But its the best kind, IMO.

Kinda like how Professors would tell you, you need to study 2 hrs for every 1 hr in class.

Social dancing is where you get to put what you learned to the test.

if all you are doing is taking classes and not implementing it on the dance floor

You are doing yourself a disservice .

User glad_you_asked

In no particular order of importance:

1. Forget about being embarrassed- everyone starts from zero and it will just impede your progress if you are too self-conscious

2. Go at least twice a week so you can build up without forgetting

3. Be patient, it takes time until your brain and body learn to understand the rhythm intuitively.

4. If you’re going to clubs, it’s helpful to know the difference between the various genres such as Salsa, Bachata, Merengue etc. can help with that

5. Learn the basic step and a few moves and keep practicing until you feel competent. Then continue to build up your repertoire. I found it helpful to memo in my own words the various moves I learned so that I would remember them later on and could practice at home

6. Have fun!!! 💃🏼🕺

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