Is it acceptable to go to dance clubs if you’re not single?

Question By User musiclovermina

Been struggling to find ways to dance outside the classroom for years, and these opportunities are finally opening up to me after moving to a better area. Thing is, I just got into my first real relationship and he’s not a dancer.

Is it okay to continue to partner dance in clubs and possibly competitions with someone who’s not my boyfriend? I’ve been waiting my whole life for these opportunities, mostly with bachata and salsa.

I don’t even know how to bring it up with him.


User Goodmorningdave

Yes. Its acceptable.

At the very least, you should communicate your interest in dancing at the clubs or in a team with your boyfriend.

I wouldnt give up on inviting him to dance either. He is missing an oppurtunity to do something you love plus it may help alleviate any jealousy or insecurity on his end.

User That Guy 

Yes. The clubs I’ve been to have been very social. You see people come in as a couple but everyone dances with everyone.

To be blunt you need to address this or you will miss out on bachata and resent him

User nachog4 

of course… and i really agree with this other comment, if u dont do it, at some momento you are going to put some hate on your partner. And if you are on a advanced level, its nice to do things with your partner, but dont let yourself be dragged behind if he doesnt share the same passion and only goes there bc of u

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