Is it normal to feel the lead’s dick when dancing kizomba?

Question By User Barely_Even_A_Pers0n

With full body contact I almost always feel the lead’s dick on my thigh. Is this normal? How to avoid this without ruining the dance?


User rlndgg 

I’ve been dancing Kizomba socially for a little over 2 years and can say that I’ve experienced it as well, however I don’t feel it is “normal” to experience it in every dance. A good way to prevent this from happening is to seek lower thigh connection as a follow while maintaining a slight pelvic tilt away from your dance partner. In fact, you may find that your dance improves because this is proper dance form.

Even when practicing Taraxinha, I can say that it is possible to have pelvic connection without genital connection.

User nereprezentativ 

Sometimes it happens with overly happy bachatero follows that take their sensual bachata skills to the kizomba room. It’s annoying and not very sexy. I think theoretically nothing should touch between the belly button and the lower thighs.

User Fatalogic 

I would say that’s not normal. Kizomba is a close dance but it doesn’t have to be that close. Many moves are pretty difficult if your that close.

I would say you just gotta find leads who you are comfortable with and stick with them. Even as a lead there are people I won’t dance with because it’s clear they want something from the dance I’m not willing to give them.

User kimblim 

Absolutely not! Kizomba is my favorite dance so I dance it pretty often and have never had this happen. Now Bachata is a different story, unfortunately.

I was taught a connection where basically only our arms, chest, and middle thighs (chasing their thighs) are touching. Bachata has proven to be a wilder form to maintain.

User ingloriabasta   

I agree with earlier posts. There’s a lot of hip movement in Kizomba, but as I understand the dynamic is to the back much more to the front for both the leader and the follower. If you do it properly, there’s no grinding imo! I am very short and with some movements, it can occasionally happen that the upper thigh of the leader kind of touches my crotch area, but it only happens when we mix other elements to the dance, or if it’s more tarraxha style movements… and I only do this with leaders I am very comfortable with anyways, so there’s rapport about our dynamic.

You can also tell if it happens like once by accident during the dance because he made a wrong movement or if he has the wrong intentions. In the latter case, I stop dancing with someone immediately, also mid-dance.

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