Is there a complete list of all Bachata moves that one can look up?

Question by User saihuang


User goatplantation 

Check out Marius and Elena on YouTube. They have 100 common moves as a video series.

User Enasakoma 

Just to clarify, saying “a complete list of moves” in such a type of dance is a completely impossible statement. There are all kinds of moves, different couples create often their own moves, there are different styles, sensual, modern, Dominican, fusion (to name the most famous ones) and a ton of lesser known ones. The number of moves would be in the thousands, and if you also make minor variations of moves due to individual styling, it’s just impossible to quantify.

Nonetheless, you can easily find on YouTube many long lists of moves from various artists (Marius and Elena being amongst the most famous ones).

User MariusDA   

Thank you for mentioning our work. We are honored. And yes, you are right.

It’s impossible to make a complete list of moves. Maybe a list of the basics… even that can be hard to make.

An advice I have is what I did in the beginning. A pen, a notebook and just writing everything that comes to mind (like moves that I know), then trying to see what variations are there (like right turn, double right turn, right turn into delayed turn, etc…) and afterwards arrange them in the order of dificulty.

That is how I ended up with hundreds of moves, combos, techniques etc… and putting them altogether.

I consider the best way to improve is, just as you said, by practicing. But focused practicing. Because if you practice but your mind is wondering, nothing will stick. Besides that, a tip that I have for every dancer is “do first, think later”.

Especially leaders get lost in thinking about moves, when there is a whole world out there, like musicality, body-movement, smiling, leading better, etc. These make a dance more enjoyable that the number of moves BUT I totally understand why our students for example make lists of moves and try to learn them. I did the same in the beginning. The important thing is to not get stuck here, but as you said, he already is improving just by doing 😀

To sum it up, yes it’s impossible to make a complete list of moves 😀

User DanielCollinsBachata

I suggest repetition when practicing…trying to learn moves that are similar to one another, that way when you get to a certain position or hand hold, you have options to choose from. Even better if you learn the base moves first, so you know the correct technique then can modify and build from there. It’s tough to do without an instructor who structures their classes that way, but at least if you have the concept then you can try to make that happen by yourself.

If you learn 100 different moves, you’ll probably struggle to remember a lot of them. Plus like Enasakoma said, there are so many moves and variations in bachata anyways, and new ones all the time.

Keep it up though, there’s a learning curve as with anything, and it differs for each person. You’re probably improving without even realizing it.

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