Is There a tapping step in Kizomba ?

Question by User pro_con_sum

As a beginner to dancing and Kizomba, i’m trying to understand if there is any tapping in Kizomba. As you can see in the video, at Dance With Me studio I was instructed to tap when doing the basic-2 and basic-3, and I did that for about five month and while taking private lessons once a week. Recently, I have learned from my new instructors at a different studio that there is no tapping. Having to unlearn tapping when doing the basic is something i’m still adjusting to, specially with basic-3. I’m just baffled how a certified professional instructor could get the basics so wrong.


User afrodeshiak 

It’s not a tap. It’s a full shift in weight

User JacksterTO   

There’s no tap. The reason she’s saying that is because she’s a bachata dancer.

If you want to “translate” what she’s saying…. replace the word “tap” with “close”. As in bring your feet closer together. So basic three would be forward… forward… together. Basic two would be… step to the left… together… step to the right… together.

User Morris_The_Minor

There shouldn’t be tapping in Kizomba. When you side step to one side, when you finish, both feet need to to have full contact with the ground. This means when you side step to the right, your left foot needs to be flat just like your right foot.

User airbrat

Top of Form It’s not a literal ‘tap’. It’s weight displacement.

User double-you 

Tap is a bad name for it, but since it’s not a full step, tap is better than calling it a step. But tap also has other connotations which will cause problems because you really need to put weight on it. I tend to call it a half-step but that is really hard to call out. But if your teacher has not explained this then they just don’t know kizomba very well.

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