Kizomba - Ladies Styling (Ginga) Question

Question by User misssarahjane

I am helpless with my hips and any styling for that matter. Do any of you know of people I should check out on YouTube (or anywhere else) to help me with styling? I’ve watched quite a bit of Sara Lopez, but who do you recommend for online tutorials? Thanks for the help!


User xtzee 

No idea about tutorials specifically on that. But Sara Panero would be a good option. She dances with Albir. Sara Lopez’s previous dance partner.

User zolistir 

I also like Carola Tauer’s style. Sara Lopez seems exaggerated. If you’re a beginner you should focus on keeping it simple. I’ve seen it too many times that the girl was trying too hard, and that ruined the experience. Styling in kizomba is mostly for the “outside”, for show if you will. Your partner most likely won’t see it, and your focus should be on him. That being said I’ve picked up a few tips from the women I’ve danced with. Don’t try to move your hips excessively, instead try to “push” the floor with your toes, that will create the hip movement effect. Also tarraxinha comes more from the abs, and less the hips(at least that’s what it feels like), the movement will also move your hips. And when making steps, follow your direction with your line of sight(not sure if you know what I mean).

User Wurkid 

This facebook page has a lot of kizomba videos (the best imho) and a bunch of them are on lady styling. You should check out isabelle

User DavH27 

Ivo/shani!! Amazing chemistry and her natural flow is something worth watching.


Nemanja and Laura have some good tutorials in general and also some work for Tarraxinha:

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