Kizomba – Tips for Beginners


I’m okay with the basic steps now but you know, it gets boring doing the same thing all the time. How do I spark my creativity Kizomba? Any ideas on how I can improve my dance in the shortest possible time?


– Kizomba is like jazz… Creativity comes from mastering the basics. Look at how the teachers dance in the social, not what they teach in class.

In kizomba, less is more.

Quick Tips:
 – Go to more events or classes.
 – Get a partner to practice with regularly

At first it can be weird going to socials because you don’t have the confidence.

You need to think less and just dance naturally (Dance Naturally being, listen to the music.  LISTEN TO THE MUSIC !). And that comes with time and a lot of dance!

Consistently Social Dancing gives you confidence.

Classes and socials are very different.
The connection you get from someone at socials you don’t get at classes, that connection is what makes you enjoy the dance.

When clubs are full and you dont have space the only thing you can do is basics, use musicality and rhythm dynamics, so even if you are doing the same thing it doesn’t feel like you are being repetitive.

Focus on Your Musicality.

Here is a challenge for you  –

I challenge you, the next time you are dancing / social dancing. not to do a single trick. Not one. I want you to slow down, listen to the music and then telegraph that to your partner without saying a single word.

By you enjoying the music, moving to the flow and then communicating that energy to your partner. I believe you will enjoy the dance that much more. But here’s the best part – Your partner will enjoy the dance to. It will be such a good dance that your partner will not even realize that I didn’t perform any tricks. It will be 100% musicality and they will feel it.

Sometimes you need to take a step back, slow down and remember why you started to dance kizomba to begin with.

To this day I will dance with random girls and sometimes I’ll do nothing but keep it absolutely simple. The look on their face is priceless when the song is over. Musicality first and then everything else happens automatically my friend!

Lastly never NEVER rush through learning how to dance. Dancing is an art form and boils down to individual interpretation. There is no ‘wrong’ way to dance. Enjoy yourself and don’t get frustrated. When you start to rush through lessons then you look like every other lead on the dance floor who only memorizes dance steps. It’s so damn obvious.

TL;DR When your musicality is on point. The lead won’t even know!

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