Learning Partner Dances From Home / Youtube

Question by User LoneKestrel

Any one ever try to learn from home with your dance partner? Could we just watch videos and learn that way? Kizomba and bachata just get picked up as salsa on my searches. Not really interested in salsa.


User xtzee 

Getting the basics down is a must for kizomba. I personally prefer a kizomba class in yoir area. After that you gravitate towards what kind of kiz you want to dance. That you can learn online. Randomroots might be a good option too, but still recommend a personal class to understand it.

User leto78 

Kizomba requires a partner to dance and it is very hard if both are learning at the same time, and even harder if you are trying to learn by yourself. If you want DVDs from well-known kizomba teachers, here https://www.alcdance.pt/collections/cd-dvds

User moncalzada 

You can learn some tricks from home, but grasping the fundamentals is not easy to do in Kizomba/Semba. If you only practice from home you can easily become a heavy lead/follow, while going to classes will allow you to get a better technique. Going to classes will also allow you to dance with other partners, which is VERY helpful to find mistakes.

Something else you’ll find if you try to learn from home is that most of the videos you’ll find will be over-sensualized. I’m not one to complain, but you have to keep in mind both these dances are meant to be social. Going to classes and learning the basics will allow you to dance socially with others and, if desired, more sensually with your preferred partner.

Now, if there really is no alternative and there are no classes in your area, then I would suggest to listen to a lot of music (soundcloud is your friend) and start with the basics. You can try to locate neighboring bigger cities that might have weekender events for you to get an intensive 16h courses. These events usually also have some social parties for everybody to have fun and socialize. Good luck!

User All__Fun

Try to find teachers in your area FIRST !!!

The connection and steps in kizomba are something that you may not pick up on through videos.



The “PASSDA” is not a heel to toe or toe to heel step. It is more of a foot slide.

They say the dance is grounded, because you are not really picking up your heels
You slide your heels

Classes offer the opportunity to help you dance with other follows, which helps fix a lot of mistakes.

Youtube and IG videos are heavily sensualized.
Performances do not equal social dancing.

Travel if you must, but your first option is to try and take classes from reputable teachers !!!

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