Does Age and Body size Matter when social dancing ?

Question by User Graiban

So I’ve done two classes so far. It’s fun. Gonna definitely do the whole course. I’m definitely less coordinated than I’d like but the progress from class 1 to class 2 makes me think maybe it won’t be that hopeless hah.

Also down to 287 lbs, rawr.

So here’s my situation. I’ve basically lost a lot of weight. A LOT of weight. I’ve gone from 518 lbs to 294 lbs at 6’4. I’m making it a point now to do things that I couldn’t/wouldn’t do before. One of those things is learning how to dance. There’s a local studio that does 4 week classes, two nights a week, for beginners. They usually do salsa and I was going to sign up for March but apparently they are doing bachata this month instead. I still want to sign up, but I’m feeling a little self conscious because of two things: 1) Age. I’m 35. While not old, old, I’m not fresh out of college. 2) Size. I’m way smaller than I was, but I’m still a big guy. Part of the reason I want to learn how to dance is that even though I feel a million percent better than I did I still feel heavy footed. I want to fix that.

Things are getting better on the clumsiness front(I play basketball regularly now and I move better every single week), so I guess I could wait, but I’d rather not. Am I overthinking this? As someone getting back into dating(trust me 500 lb guys don’t date much) I feel like being a good dancer would be a fun and useful skill to have. I just don’t want to make things awkward for anyone else.


User HavokIris

You should definitely go for it! I’ve been to plenty of classes and there are people there of all ages and sizes. Some of the best dancers I’ve had the pleasure of dancing with didn’t always fit the mold of the super fit young dancers you see in videos. You should definitely be proud of yourself for all of the progress that you have made and it’s awesome that you’re trying something new! Have confidence, get in there, and have fun!

User xtzee

Go for it. I am 36 and was about 140kg when I started 5 years back when I started and dancing is now my cardio about 5 times a week. I am weighing it at about 100kg now and happier then ever. Its never too late. You will only regret next year you didn’t start earlier.

User ACraciun

I have a friend who is also a big guy. He’s clumsy and a little socially awkward. But damn he can dance salsa!!!! On 1, on 2, it doesn’t matter. He dance like he is flying.

There is one more guy…. My kizomba instructor. he’s about 130 kg or so, and he’s the best kizomba dancer in my area. All the girls are jumping on him at festivals.

Go out and dance!

User lanzr 

Yes, you’re overthinking this, but that’s an okay thing to do for now. Partner dancing ages range from 18 to 75. At 35, you’ll be in perfect company in most dance communities.

As for weight, being 200lbs is not a major concern. Even 400lbs isn’t. It’s how you use that weight. As long as you are considerate of your partner, you’ll be fine.

Some of the best dancers I have seen were large guys who led their partner with grace.

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