Learning to lead and follow in Kizomba


User umjammerjammy

I’m a woman learning lead and I have danced with a couple of guys learning to follow. When they start out I feel like I’m trying to move cement lol They’re super tense! I’m sure classes would help a lot and going from a lead to follow has its unique challenges. Instead of thinking of combinations you really have to be aware of your body and not tense up. One of the male followers improved on this a lot. It was really cool to see the change.

When I get tired of learning lead, it’s an amazing feeling to switch and not have to worry about combinations! It takes at least a couple of dances to allow my body to go into follow mode. I hope I can get to the point where leading is 2nd nature like following but it’s a much steeper learning curve.

Good luck!

User Physical_Inspector

hey so Im a guy who leads and follows. First off your dancing is going to become so much better by learning both sides of the dance so I congratulate you on making the switch.

As a follow, theres always going to be people who feel too machisimo or uncomfortable to dance with another guy. Dont worry about it, just like on the social floor, move on and dance with someone else or if theres no one for that round, just watch. The biggest thing is just practice and have fun. A couple of classes is not bad and feel free to ask other follows for advice (especially on how to protect yourself from getting hurt from…overeager new leads.)

Also switch dancing (switching position of lead-follow and vice versa) is one of my favorite types of dancing! After you feel a bit more comfortable try inviting someone to do a switch dance with you. Good luck!

User Letsdancebachata

That’s such a good thing. You should try definitely. I’m a follower and I took some classes as a leader. It helped me so much to understand the leading part. I’ve tried to lead some leaders too and they really enjoyed the experience. You learn so much Just go for it !

User MariusDA 

As a professional Bachata artist (teaching and travelling) I can say that it helps A LOT to learn how to follow.

This is the fastest way to understand how to lead better. You can be a fantastic leader, without knowing how to follow BUT it takes a lot of time because of the trial and error.

If you learn how to follow, your leading should improve faster, because you are but in the position of understanding what is happening in a girl’s/follower mind during dancing.

So… I say go for it.

How I learned in the beginning was just going with the flow, because I was already dancing for more than 5 years, and teaching (I can teach all the girls steps) , I already knew the “technique” for the steps and the body movement. I had a horrible time with doing styling (because it’s so hard to get to a point in which your styling doesn’t disturb the lead) and following. But knowing already the steps, it was just a problem of focusing of the signals and decoding them.

So, in conclusion:

1. It helps a ton. Don’t even mind the people that think it’s wierd. Remember, they might be those that can’t dance, or have misguided pre-conception. That shouldn’t disturb you if you just want to become better and have fun.

2. Just go for it, of course with somebody you know. Don’t go into socials and asking random people to lead you 😀

If you need any tips, or want some more information or Bachata overall, check our youtube channel www.youtube.com/mariuselenaofficial . We have over 200 free tutorials.

User MariusDA

I don’t know how is the social scene around where you are living. But in my city, we had (before corona) parties from thursday to sunday and sometimes 2 at the same time. In time you get to know everybody, and make friends with everybody. If it’s the same where you live, you can just go and have fun at socials. Maybe try 1-2 dances as a follower per night, you know for getting started 😀

I don’t consider that you need to take private classes if you were referring to paying someone. Of course if you are really serious about it (like a girl would to fix some following issues or learning some other techniques) than go for it. Other than that, you will learn just by social dancing (which is the best practice) 😀

Hope you will have an awesome experience and learn a lot of things. Don’t give up. P.S. Thank you for appreciating our work 😀 Hugs and Kisses from M.E. (Marius&Elena)

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