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I’m a (24m) looking for a follow in the SD area (after it becomes safe to do so). I have about 1-2 months experience dancing Bachata from doing classes but have yet to go out to any socials.

I try to practice as much as I can and watch videos but I don’t think that would be much help when it actually comes to dancing with a partner. I know its recommended to just go out to get better but I’d rather practice before so I can avoid taking away from the dance of my partner and avoid any negative experiences.


User DanielCollinsBachata

Probably your best bet is to continue taking classes and find someone there. I’m not sure this group is big enough to be much help. Good luck though, practice is important so I’m glad you’re already on that path!

User RegisteredDancer

I, also, live in the SD area.

Let me give you a piece of advice that is mostly true everywhere, but ESPECIALLY true in SD: You are not going to “take away” anything from your dance partner due to your lack of skill.

The only things that dance partners (leads or follows) generally dislike is: smelly partners (body odor or breath), or obnoxious partners (doing things like trying to pull girls close to their body, or groping, etc.)

San Diego is particularly easy going and laid back in our dance scene. Very rarely will you find anyone who turns down a dance (other than if they’re tired, etc.) and also people enjoy dancing because we enjoy dancing.

Right now is actually a great time to keep learning online, and just prep yourself for going to a social. Melomano is doing monthly classes (somewhere like 40+ classes all pre-recorded) for like $50. Majesty in Motion is also offering free videos and stuff on their social media. I know Vera Tinoco in the North County area is also doing free classes.

All that might not be how you want to learn, but it does something else: You join an even closer community in our already close dance community. That helps with social anxiety at socials. Because these are your classmates and friends! You’ll see them out, and they’ll know other friends who will then also know you and you’ll be more familiar and comfortable with these people to dance with (at least, that’s the idea!)

I encourage you to keep doing what you’re doing now and then when socials DO return:

Thursdays at Tango Del Rey probably will come back. Very good venue, nice teachers (Tien and Maria), and a nice mix every week of new and veteran dancers.

Sundays at Queen Bee’s are also amazingly great and a historically great place in SD (they are struggling to make rent, but hopefully the donation campaign will keep them alive until re-open)

If you live in North County, find Vera Tinoco and Vedanza Dance Company because she hosts the socials in Encinitas, Oceanside, and Carlsbad.

If you’re closer to downtown? Sevilla Nightclub had three nights a week I think, hosted by Majesty in Motion.

So hope this helps a bit. And I really hope you realize 1) no one is watching you for mistakes or whatever and 2) we ALL make mistakes. You just gotta smile, laugh a bit, and keep dancing. Because we’re the most laid-back dance scene in the country! 😀

User berzerks5 

Advice I wish I had when I first started was to take private lessons, and take them early. A typical partner won’t be able to help you as much as a pro will, and pro’s are like super chargers for your skill level

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