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Hello my girlfriend and my 5 year anniversary is this week and always mention that she wants to learn how to dance bachata. I am thinking of setting up my backyard for a place for us to practice since we’re still trying to social distance as much as possible. Are there any online classes y’all recommend? Thanks in advance!


User missedcall  

Check out Edwin & Dakota I really love their style and they have a bunch of great videos n tips.


My boyfriend and I signed up for Bachata Dance Academy’s online program. There are a couple of different choices I think and the instructors have lessons for both traditional bachata and the sensual bachata too. Online learning isn’t ideal, but it isn’t too bad. It is a paid subscription though. They have some videos posted on Youtube if you want to get a taste of how the instructors teach.


Online classes are fine if you just want to do it as a fun activity for a bit, but if you have any intention of actually becoming good dancers then I would not recommend this because you will pick up bad habits.

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The big names are always going to be Ataca and Alemana, along with Daniel and Desiree. I also really enjoy De’Jon and Clo. Honestly theres some amazing dancers out there. If you dont mind PMing me your location I can probably tell you whos closest. All of these instructor have online courses though.

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For ladies styling, I really like the free YouTube channel Dance Doctor. This would be more for your partner to practice on her own, although the moves translate to partnering.

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I don’t know where you live, but here in TampaBay there are a slew of small social group classes for cheap. Even though you want to dance primarily with your spouse for this one event, it’s good to learn dancing in a diverse setting switching partners, and going to socials. One problem with online is there is usually no feedback. Online might be a good start, but if you want to continue I recommend dancing in a group setting (Assuming you feel safe with that and it is available). Bachata doesn’t need a special set up. It can be danced in a very small space, but as a wedding dance, your would want to learn to “waltz” or travel around a larger space with a Bachata rhythm. Good luck and maybe post some videos of your results?

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