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Is the pachanga step an advanced move? How much is it generally used in salsa?


User Chris_Yannick

It’s not a beginner step. It can take a while to learn the technique, but depends on the learner. It took me 7 years to learn, but I’m a slow learner. Like every other movement, it just takes pracatice. It’s common in Salsa, especially if a Charanga comes on.

User space4lyfe 


Can see his other videos too.

Eddie Torres Jr:

User fschwiet 

Not uncommon in salsa caleña, but not common either. Its great for shines regardless of whether other people are doing it. Outside of Cali (mostly in Argentina) I can only recall seeing one lead do it during a social and some girls doing it as part of a group routine.

It just takes some practice to get the feel for it since the timing of the movements is different.

User Chowbear

Depends where you are! It was pretty popular in Sydney last time I danced which was a while ago…I guess it’s sort of intermediate side you need to be comfortable with the timing, however it’s never too early to start trying!

User roldarin

If you are drunk, it is quite basic

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