Progressing in Bachata

Question by User PuppyLife1

Hello, I have been dancing Bachata for about 3 months and have been learning a lot. The progression everyone says I’ve done is very inspiring. I feel like I am hitting a little bump in the road. I know moves but I am finding it hard to put them into a pattern. I also am lacking an actual “dance partner” to practice on so most of my practice are the steps at home. We have a one hour bachata class then a social after which I try to attend both. Although the lesson is never progressive since new people join every time.


User fschwiet 

Repeating content in class can seem boring, but you should be able to find aspects to improve (lead communication, body movement, etc). But more socials will help the most. In socials focus on pairing moves that have similar lead patterns to test if your leading disambiguates them well. Ask people where they are practicing in socials, try to organize a group to go to the same socials.

User Nghtmare-Moon

If you are a lead learn how to follow. It will boost your lead by 100000%. If you’re a follow learn how to lead, will boost your Skills as well

User berean17   

If you can supplement what you are doing with private lessons you will probably see the growth you want.

User obubaley 

One thing I find helpful is watching other dancers, either at social or on Instagram/YouTube. I try to find elements of their dancing I really like, and incorporate it into what I do to make something new. Along with tons of practice and listening to bachata a lot, this has helped me improve in the past.

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