Recommendation for Dance Shoes?


User Troutpasta 

Jazz shoes like these ones from amazon…

Or you can buy suede stick ons and put them on your regular street shoes

I’m not fond of high heels, especially for congresses… I’d rather not torture myself! But some people do wear them so do whatever is comfortable!

User Hnmr

Followers can wear any type of shoes they prefer – jazz shoes, sneakers, high heels (suede sole, not outdoor), even socks in a laid back party/class. The general idea is to allow yourself freedom of movement, therefore, for example, heavily cushioned running shoes would pose some problems.
Leaders usually wear some sort of sneakers or socks. I’ve seen some guys dancing in suede sole shoes, but they’re very rare. I tried the salsa type shoes myself for a while, but I lacked the grip and inertia control that I get wearing sneakers.

I wouldn’t recommend this

User davelim 

Tom’s are a good comfortable choice for me.

User UndNu   

Around here on decent floor most dancers prefer something with suede (or other good) sole and flexibility.

Guys are mostly in Jazz dance shoes or dance sneakers.

Some use socks or cat paws.

And of course plenty still use their street shoes. Specially beginners Few use regular men’s dance shoes.

Women also use Jazz dance shoes, but rarer dance sneakers.

More use socks and cat paws.

Few – mostly beginners – use street shoes.

And some use common heeled dance shoes. Mostly those coming from other dances and being used to them there.

And a few go completely barefoot. But they usually stop that after some burnings.

User LynoureZouk 

Street shoes are dangerous for dancing. A beginner can make do with things like normal sneakers, but I have seen way too many leaders wreck their knees after learning pivots and twists and doing those in shoes with way too high friction.

Do your body a favor and get proper dance shoes (doesn’t really matter much witch kind) as soon as you know you like dancing!

User ingloriabasta   

For high heels I absolutely love my Nada Mas tango shoes (8cm/3,5inch heel). It’s a small Italian brand and you can not get them online, only in stores that happen to have one or two pairs. Ridiculously comfortable and extraordinary craftsmanship.

On flats I’ve been dancing on TOMs. However, the layer that actually makes them glide nicely is super, super thin, so it wears off quickly. It was an ok solution for a while, but now I am going to buy sneakers with suede sole next.

User TentaclesForEveryone

Supadance for me, purely because they make the only dance shoes I’ve found that accommodate my weirdly-shaped feet.

User panis69

You all should check out Burju. The shoes are well-made and they always have sales. Very nice people too.

User semithroway opens up surprising possibilities

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