Recommendations for Bigger Dance Heels


User saratherunningsmile

Burju is a fantastic dance shoe company that makes shoes in 12 US, but I would recommend doing their foot measurement process (they have a video on their website!) A little $$ but very worth it. Their brand ambassadors for heels are different genders, so I think this could work!

User thebladeofink

I did some poking around online and it looks like has some character heels that might work! It looks like Amazon has a few size 12 options for Latin shoes as well.

I googled size 12 dance heels and it came up with a few Amazon links. Not all styles are available in 12s, but there are a few to choose from and for a pretty good price! I get all my dance heels on Amazon and have had good luck with quality and fit. I hope she finds some! There’s something very cool about your first pair of dance heels.

User diphoemacy

Try WorldTone Dance! I buy all my shoes from them: they supply for Dancing with the Stars and they can make literally anything happen.

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