Salsa Instructors: Which songs do you prefer to use in your salsa classes?

Question by User allwissende

User timbera 

For beginners it needs to be quite straightforward. My go to song is Havana City – Los Van Van, Caramelo Con Picante – Bamboleo, Conmigo No – Berna Jam (skip the rap bit), Loco Por Tus Besos – Manolito Simonet, I also use Fragilidad a lot because it’s just a Salsa version of a pop song (Sting), so beat 1 is easy to find, even though the tempo is not actually that slow. Other pop covers would work as well. I also occasionally play Turn off the lights by India – the lyrics (in English) are awfully cheesy but it’s very easy to dance to and it makes students laugh and therefore less stress.

Look out for Scuola di Salsa album from Berna Jam – it breaks down instruments and counts, very good introduction for beginners.

Someone else mentioned Duplicandote la dosis – Timbalive, I find it great to go from half timing to normal timing in one song 👍🏼

User enetheru 

Ray Barretto – Acid

pretty sure it was in a movie recently as the song they learn to.

User itspartytimeguys 

Porque Yo – LA33.

chin chon chow – louie ramirez

User poliakev 

Vente Negra – Habana con Kola And when you can see the learning happening – Via – Al DeLory

User IIMichaelOnReddit2 

Not an instructor, but my salsa instructor started me with a lot of “salsa dura” from the likes of El Gran Combo cause it was really easy to hear the beat and they don’t have a whole lot of syncopation, which makes finding the 1 easier as a beginner.

User 9Q6v0s7301UpCbU3F50m 

I have a teacher who frequently plays duplicandote la dosis by Timbalive. Nice and slow!

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