Salsa styles at International Festivals

Question by User tocahawk

Hi, this is my 4th year into my salsa journey, I’ve been to a couple of 3-4 days festivals with international artists in the last years and this year I was kind of wishing to go abroad to some international festival.

Yeah I know, that went out of the window…

Now… most of festival videos I see online have people dancing on1 or on2, I do dance on1 but in my area, Rome, we mostly dance “cuban” salsa, so..

I was wondering if anyone of you has some festival experience that can help me understand if I could have no trouble whatsoever or people could actually look at me like an alien and follows be put off by the style i’m more accustomed to


User dominiquey89_ 

There’s an international Cuban festival en Cuba. But like you said out the window for now. Well, its annually in April. Google it. Add it to the list for next year. 😊😊😊

User jonahum   

San Francisco (US) has the annual Salsa Rueda festival which is “Cuban” style and happens on February.

User E-lo-die 

In France, you can find Cuban festival (FIC in Orange for example, there is on in Strasbourg too).

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