Salseros – what is your opinion on the current state of salsa music?

Question by User tumi01548

How do you feel about the current state of salsa with reggaeton playing all over the radio and YouTube. Here in the states anyway, reggaeton is everywhere. While I don’t hate reggaeton, I am not a fan of it either. Is Salsa still popular in your country? La salsa sigue siendo popular en tu pais?


User projektako

Even in NYC, there’s always been a divide between mainstream and more “classic” styles of salsa.

My friends in ATL have to promote bachata as it’s in demand because salsa dancing is “hard.” I get the same in NYC.

When I travel, it’s the same in Spain, salsa is not that popular and reggaeton/bachata are much more so. But in East Asia… Taiwan, Korea, and Japan love salsa dancing. They love the complex musical structure but bachata is still there as the “easy” alternative for the masses.

Personally, I feel it IS catering to the masses, going simpler for the public… that’s always been how record executives and now “lifestyle” executives work.

However, there are some musicians pushing to get back to the “roots” of the mambo and salsa dura. A new generation of musicians is coming up, especially in Columbia and even here in different parts of the US that are trying to recapture the virtuosity of latin music.

I think it’s not dying, just evolving as the “mainstream” focuses on simple “money-makers.”

User El_Willster

Here in Guatemala, few people dance Salsa but many listen to it. You get in a taxi cab or uber and the driver very likely will have classic salsa on the radio. It is less frequent with younger folk. Not mainstream but not forgotten.

User veldrane_

Imho we are living in one of the golden age of the Cuban music – if we are talking about the casino/timba branch of salsa. Many of the spectacular bands and artists like HdP, Leoni Torres, Elio Reve, Nino y la verdad, Myakel Blanco, Timbalive etc etc are on the top these days.

Example: Havana d Primera

User juliansorel

Here in Germany reggaeton and bachata sensual are taking over. I don´t really like any of those genres. Even recent salsa music has some influence from reggaeton or some reggaeton mixed in.

I personally prefer old salsa music where lyrics and instruments still matter, but that might be because of an age gap.

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