Should You warm up before dancing?


User Jagg857

Of course!! And don’t overlook your feet & ankles!

Warming up is VERY important. In social, you can warm up with a slow song and/or a Bachata.

User Arshia42

As someone paying the price right now for not stretching/warming up and not using appropriate footwear- absolutely yes.

warm-ups loosen the joints and increase blood flow to the muscles, so there’s less stress on the joints and tendons. It’s worth mentioning though that the style I practice (cali) has much more pressure on the knees than other styles so that also likely played a part.

Either way, there’s not really a reason not to warm up even if it’s very minimal. I think your body will thank you in the long run.

User DanceSoles 

i think it is important for your knees. You might get meniscus on your knees with wrong moves. Our dance soles provides the correct hold on your shoes which will also help to not get injuries.

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