Social Dancing during a Medical Outbreak – Coronavirus

Question by User snowfi-og

Hola salseros, are you still going to socials despite the current COV out-break? Although in the city I live in, haven’t been any confirmed cases yet, I’m pretty sceptical about going to a social. (Yet I REALLY WANT TO!)


User mbhoek

Just don’t cross-body sneeze.

User snowfi-og

Or a Suzie achoo.

User Fishy11

I spoke to my dr. and according to him COV-19 does not affect on1 dancers.

User Stimikon

Of course. Every time you go dancing you have an increased chance of catching something. COV is still less common than for example the flu, so did you not go dancing 3 months ago out of fear of catching the flu? Just wash your hands and don’t touch your face and you’ll be fine.

User RProgrammerMan

I think the risk is overblown. The likelihood of catching the disease seems low and most of the people who have died from it already had poor health. You are far more likely to get sick from something else or get in a car accident on the way there.

User sohcahtoast

I’m not. Coronavirus is spreading so rapidly, and testing lags mean more people are infected than numbers show. Staying away from socials for now means I’m protecting not just myself, but those around me.

User TentaclesForEveryone

I’m still going to socials. I think it’s only a small additional risk on top of all the other risks I can’t avoid: working in an office, taking public transport and so on. Anecdotally I’ve seen fewer other people going this week, but that could be for any reason.

User 2dg

Definitely have been to less socials.. Tell the organisers to have hand sanitiser? Ours have been pretty good. And very conscious not to touch the face..

User waitImcoming

I am still going to our local ones but I am a bit hesitant about a congress I planned on attending in April. Will put off buying the ticket till the last minute I think.

User Dr_Gel

I was about to make a thread about this. My state just announced its first confirmed case on Tuesday, it’s 20 minutes away from where I live and even closer to the place I dance at. Idk what is the right decision, but I’ve been very upset. I live for my Monday class and Tuesday social I don’t want to miss it, but I don’t want to get myself sick. Is anyone else from a state/area that has a confirmed case? What are you doing? I think I may bring a big bottle of sanitizer for everyone on Monday.

User curiouscheesecake

Its just a flu, being blown out of proportion.

I mean I have not once touched my face while doing footwork or partner dance. Nor have I or my partner coughed at one another. So I’think its fine.

But there has been a huge drop of numbers in my salsa classes these days. Turning into a private class since this uprise of flu virus..

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