The difference between salsa on 1 and cuban salsa?

Question by User tiki_tiki_tiki

So the difference between salsa on 1 and salsa on 2 is the timing. But from the videos I’ve watched on youtube I think cuban salsa and salsa on 1 have the same timing, is that correct? So what’s the difference if it’s not the timing?

I’m a beginner, please help haha


User girlabouttownlp 

The difference between on1 and Cuban is not in the timing but how it is danced.

On1 salsa is also known as cross body salsa, and it’s danced in a straight line. Cuban salsa, is danced more circular in motion. There are more nuances to it than that, but that is the difference in the most basic of terms. Hope that helps!

User TightSpecialist5 

A few items:

– The follower and lead are stepping away from each other, than towards each other, instead of in parallel. I think this lends to the ability to dance in a “Rueda”, but I am not sure honestly.

– The focus is dancing in a more “circular” fashion, around your partner, as opposed to in a straight line, like salsa.

– Technically Cuban Salsa is just a name it has picked up. It is not Cuban “Salsa”, it is called Casino.

– I am not sure about the exact timing of turns in either, but I remember when I first transitioned from Casino to On1, I had a very difficult time changing my instincts on when to initiate turns. I was always off in some way or another. I think in On1, you initiate on the 5, whereas Casino feels like it’s on the 5 as well, but I always screwed this up, so I wouldnt mind hearing from some more professional people than I.

User korkof

The Cuban Salsa is more influenced by the Afro Cuban style so you dance more with the focus in the ground, compared the the on1 which is more a light and high dance. The easier comparison point is the turns, you don’t spin on one foot in Cuban Salsa, you have multiple steps.

User double-you 

I don’t think there are any dances where you don’t want a good connection with the floor/ground. There are many dancers who don’t have that because it is not that easy to do, but it is always useful and makes your dance better.

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